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Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Inside Look: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Fleet Safety Revolution With LANA Dashcams

Commercial Service Fleet Dash Cam Solutions

  • Live-Video Feed & Alerts
  • Easily Sort and Locate ‘Critical ADAS Event’ Clips
  • Save Valuable Time With Real-Time GPS Tracking

Starting at $269.00/ Per Camera and $29.95/ Per Month


Add A New Dimension To Your Service Fleet Management

When you add live internal and external video footage into your operations you acquire total control of your fleet like never before, don’t settle, regular GPS data can only tell you so much!

Dashboard cameras for semi-trucks are no new trend, however, the adoption for utility service vehicles such as HVAC, plumbing, and landscaping companies to add to their fleet has been slow. Understanding the true value this advanced technology can provide your business is key, oftentimes, many are shocked at how adding dash cams to their fleet can help so many aspects of their business!

Fleet Tracking For Dash Cameras

How Your Utility Service Fleet Could Benefit

Did you know there are a few unique benefits to adding dash cams to utility service vehicles? Here are a few reasons to consider adding advanced dash cameras paired with an all-encompassing platform to your fleet…

  • Protecting Your Drivers/Bottom Line From False Claims
  • Away From The Job Site? 24/7 Protection Keeps Your Vehicles Protected
  • Faster Insurance Claims and Lower Rates
  • Enhanced Customer Service With Real-Time GPS Tracking
Service Fleet Dash camera

Getting Buy-In From Your Drivers

It shouldn’t be hard to convince your team with adopting these dashboard cameras to their vehicles, especially with all the benefits listed above! However, you could see a few who remain wary. In this case, start the conversation by pitching it as an investment for the employees themselves, not just the business.

The mere fact it will be a driving force to help exonerate them when being blamed for events that were not their fault, should help get their buy-in. In the end, transparency is key, and keeping them in tune with how they will be utilized will go a long way.