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Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Inside Look: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Fleet Safety Revolution With LANA Dashcams
Rental Equipment GPS Tracking


Manage Your Rental & Leasing Assets Like Never Before

  • Advanced Alerts & Reporting
  • Enhanced Security & Loss Prevention
  • Validate Usage, Avoiding Billing Disputes

Starting at $00.00 Per Tracker!


Why Choose Us for Rental Equipment GPS Tracking?

Choose LANA Team for your rental equipment tracking. Our advanced trackers ensure real-time visibility, streamline maintenance, optimize asset utilization, and enhance security, empowering you to focus on business growth. With our proven track record and customer-centric approach, we deliver unparalleled value and support.

Purchase your rental equipment GPS tracker now.

#1 GPS Asset Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software That
Streamlines Your Rental &
Leasing Operations

First-Class Rental Equipment Management Software

  • Real-Time Alerts Keep You In The Know 24/7
  • Mobile / tablet access allows for on-the-go management
  • Heightened visibility with live mapping and historical reporting
  • Asset dashboard provides an overview of your asset universe
  • Customized alerts & notifications
  • Many more…

One Advanced Solution.
Every Leased Asset Type You Manage.

Our solar-powered GPS tracker is perfect for managing a wide range of rental assets, including construction equipment, transportation assets like trailers, generators, and more. Combined with our advanced LANA Asset software, it offers unmatched efficiency in tracking, maintenance scheduling, and reporting, making it the ultimate rental asset management solution for your business.

Protect and optimize every piece of rental asset you lease out with the help of the Solar Sense asset Tracker!

Rental Equipment GPS Tracking

Protect Your Valued Rental Assets From Theft

In the rental equipment industry, operational efficiency and peace of mind is paramount. Our asset tracking solutions enable businesses to effectively monitor and oversee a diverse range of assets. From rental vehicles and heavy machinery to containers and equipment, our platform provides real-time insights to enhance productivity and streamline operations, ensuring a sustainable and efficient future.