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New LANA Fleet Mobile App Available NOW! Click to Learn More...
New LANA Fleet Mobile App Available NOW! Click to Learn More...
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Introducing The LANA Fleet Mobile App!

The LANA Fleet Mobile App

Built For Fleet Managers And Business Owners Who Desire To Manage Their Commercial Fleet Anytime, Anywhere…

Introducing the LANA Fleet Mobile App, your gateway to harnessing the full capabilities of our robust commercial fleet dash camera solution. Now, you can effortlessly access live video feeds and fleet tracking components right from your smartphones and tablets. Undoubtedly gaining unparalleled visibility into your fleet operations, anytime, anywhere.

LANA Fleet Mobile App

The Fleet Tracking Mobile App For Complete Visibility 24/7

Viewing all of your commercial trucks or vehicles in one place is a breeze, it takes only a couple of taps to get live dual facing video in the palm of your hands.

Live Mobile Mapping For Every Vehicle In Your Fleet

Unlock the LANA Fleet mapping capabilities for your phone or tablet with the ultimate fleet tracking mobile app. With on-the-go visibility, you can make key decisions when it matters most and keep your operations flourishing.

Review. Share. Address. Driver Behavior Alerts.

In addition, this dash camera mobile app allows you to receive in the moment notifications for all of your driver’s ‘driver behaviors alerts’; allowing you to view, share, and address each alert in real-time.

  • In near real-time, watch HD video clips of unsafe driver behavior events through your smartphones and tablets.
  • Empower your fleet managers to not only increase your efficiency but also provide them a valuable tool when coaching their drivers.
  • Be swift and prompt in addressing obstacles that arise with your fleet through on-the-go access and informative push notifications

Furthermore, the LANA Fleet mobile app allows you to streamline your operations, enhance safety, and maximize productivity of your commercial fleet. Take charge of your fleet like never before by acquiring top tier visibility!

Unleash The Full Power Of The LANA Fleet Solution With The LANA Fleet Mobile App!

 LANA Fleet Mobile AppLANA Fleet Mobile AppLANA Fleet Mobile App

                                        DOWNLOAD TODAY!

                        LANA Fleet Mobile AppLANA Fleet Mobile App

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