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Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Inside Look: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Fleet Safety Revolution With LANA Dashcams

Clear View, Clear Results

In an emergency, a quick response time is critical to the outcome of events. However, since emergency vehicles are allowed to speed and run red lights, the chance of an accident is greatly increased. An emergency service dashcam provides the clear view you need to train and educate drivers, as well as exonerate them against false claims. Emergency services fleet dashcam gives video evidence of:

  • Distracted drivers not paying attention to lights and sirens
  • Accidents that happen while driving to or at the scene
  • Driver behavior for training new first responders and increasing safe driving

Improved Fleet Management

Firefighters, outpatient care, police, paramedics, and other first responders can all benefit from an emergency service dashcam. Utilize ‘Live View’, to tap into your fleet with internal and exterior facing live video feed. With real-time GPS tracking included with the live video, you can easily dispatch the closest vehicle to the incident or route. Saving you time, but also ensuring you can assist the situation promptly.

With a dashcam in every vehicle, you can monitor the entire emergency services fleet to optimize their usage and coordinate units. A complete trip history can be reviewed and analyzed for accuracy and improvements to routes.


Whether driving or parked, on or off, the camera is available 24/7 to capture it all. But don’t worry about it draining your battery. The emergency service dash cam enters a low-power mode when not in use, and immediately turns back on when it detects motion.

The footage captured by this advanced solution can also be used to protect emergency responders in the event of physical harm or legal cases. Clips are securely stored in the cloud to provide irrefutable evidence of what occurred at the scene.