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Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
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Getting Buy-In For Fleet Dash Cameras
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Fleet Dash Cameras Can Be Easy For Your Team To Adopt When You Follow These Steps

For anyone, no matter the industry, occupation, or topic, change can be hard. Many people will feel resentment towards change, even if the change is better for them. When fleet managers choose to implement a dual-facing, AI fleet dash camera into their vehicles, drivers can be wary.

With some drivers immediately questioning…What did we do to lose our boss's trust? Is this an invasion of my privacy? And more…The task of managing the change within your fleet of drivers is not a task that can be ignored. It is a critical step, no matter the size of your fleet or operation. To properly implement a fleet tracking solution that comes with dash cameras for your operations. CallPass has outlined key items to consider when adding this new technology for company vehicles across the country. 

 A brief note! If we were to convey one thing, it is that transparency is of the utmost importance. This ensures the smoothest transition with your drivers.


Senior Fleet Drivers Are The Key For A Smooth Transition To a Dash Camera Powered Fleet 

When you first make the decision to implement a dash camera solution, approach your senior drivers. Let them know about this impending move and why it is an important addition to your business to make. Some of the key benefits you should definitely include:

  • Increases in fleet efficiency
  • Protecting drivers and the business from wrongful claims
  • Improving customer transparency
  • Identifying bad driver behavior, but also rewarding good instances.
  • Heightened-vehicle maintenance capabilities

While these aren't all the benefits your business will capture, these are a great few to get you started. Approaching these drivers first can be the key in getting buy-in from the rest of the team. These drivers have influence and the others will be less hesitant to resist the change. Encourage them to be influential in showcasing the benefits and taking further ownership of their role. They will also feel a sense of pride knowing they hold this reasonability.


Take A Candid Approach About Fleet Tracking

No one likes sudden change. When you have decuded to implement a solution such as LANA Fleet into your team's vehicles. The next step is to create a plan with your management team about how can adopt these robust cameras. Don't let your drivers show up to work one morning with a camera sitting in each of their trucks. When your proactive about advising the team on the technology you're adding, there will be less resistance.

Let Potential New Hires Know About Implementation of Fleet Dash Cameras

Another best practice for getting the support of your team is being transparent in the recruiting process about how your business has adopted this technology to not only optimize the efficiency, but also protect the business and its many prized drivers.

Naturally, these potential drivers will feel fully informed and involved in the process of improving the business. Once fully onboarded as a driver representing your logo on the side of the truck. Businesses we have talked to who have implemented this practice have found their new hires have come into work having them into their trucks with no issues, leaving them grateful they made the introduction to them early on.

Recognize That Good Driver Behavior Can Build Camaraderie

One of the key items fleets who have added dash cameras to their vehicles have seen resonate well with their drivers is taking the time to recognize good driver behavior amongst the team. Before your team deploys, once a week, get with them to acknowledge who performed the best over the prior week.

Whether that be the least amount of ADAS alerts registered, most jobs completed, or other specific key performance measures you gauge your drivers on; taking the time to show them their hard work and conscious driving behavior can have positive effects. Such as encouraging the rest of the drivers to perform in the same manner, sparking a sense of internal competition and internal gamification amongst the crew. The ability to naturally spark enhanced performance by your team while you also gain a sense of security and peace of mind is a dream of any fleet manager.

Another key factor to consider when rewarding your drivers is to not only reward top performers, but improvements too. If one driver registered x amount of speed infringements one week but reduced them in half the next, this is a huge, noteworthy aspect that should be recognized.

Your Driver Success Stories Should Be Recognized 

Who doesn’t love social media content?! Kidding aside, when you take the time to recognize your team’s success on social media or across other channels such as email, you further extend the level of appreciation toward your drivers, this will further encourage them to become loyal, dedicated employees, that continue to represent your business in the best manner.   

The added benefit of sharing your employee’s success stories is portraying your business in a positive light. No matter the industry, potential customers love hearing a business is taking a proactive approach to employ the best-performing drivers. In a highly competitive economic climate, putting your business in a place that sticks out compared to other businesses is essential.                                                          

Express How It Protects The Business But Drivers Reputations Too

Arguably the biggest selling point to businesses, but also their drivers, when pondering the investment into a fleet tracking dash cam solution is reinforcing how much money and reputation damage could be at stake due to an accident or potential false claim. Did you know? Each year, employers face up to $60 billion annually in legal expenses, lost productivity, and increased insurance costs due to fleet incidents. This combined with the fact that one recent study showcased that 1/5th of drivers surveyed lied about an incident they were involved.

With the ability to retrieve foolproof video within minutes of an accident, LANA Fleet helps businesses and their drivers, avoid false claims and easily share the video with their insurance providers and the police on the scene. Convey to the drivers, this technology will help protect your livelihood, yours, and the business's reputation, the ability to prove they were innocent can go a long way.

Powerful On-The-Go Fleet Management With The LANA Fleet Mobile APP

Manage your commercial fleet anytime, anywhere with:

  • Real-Time Fleet GPS Tracking
  • Live HD Video on Demand
  • Driver Behavior Notifications
  • Event Alerts and more


Use Fleet Dash Camera Solution to Empower Your Business

We hope the above guidelines on how to best get the best driver buy-in to this advanced technology help you feel more comfortable about adding this to your fleet. Do you want to see how our solution can work for your commercial fleet?

Click HERE to empower you fleet today!

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