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Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Inside Look: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Fleet Safety Revolution With LANA Dashcams
Did you know fleet tracking can reduce your organization's insurance costs? That's right! Along with maximizing utilization, customer transparency
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How GPS Fleet Tracking Reduces Insurance Costs 

It is critical to optimize spending on maintenance, fuel, and other expenditures. Have you explored how you can lock in better rates on your insurance? Of course, there are certain ways. Such as leveraging different pricing from various providers, hiring healthy drivers, and others. However, you may be missing out on key opportunities to secure prime savings for your commercial fleet insurance that you may not know are available. Oftentimes one of the least talked about ways to secure potential savings is through a commercial fleet tracking dash camera solution.
The combination of real-time GPS tracking paired with HD dual-facing video provides an ultra-level of transparency. to businesses that operate with a fleet of vehicles. In addition to maximizing utilization, customer transparency, providing easier dispatching, and more… GPS Fleet tracking can lower your organization's insurance costs. Priced conveniently and ready to help your business today, the LANA Fleet solution is the only GPS fleet tracking solution you need. Take a look below at some of the additional ways your fleet could benefit and that you could have your insurance rates reduced.

Have A Higher Chances of Recovery & Prevent Theft With a Fleet Dash Camera  

Unfortunately, in 2023, car thefts remain a prominent problem. The temptation is there even more so with commercial vehicles. Thieves realize the potential for valuable equipment to be present inside these vehicles. Yes, the mere addition of vehicle/truck GPS tracking can be a theft deterrent, with the ability to easily recover your vehicles once taken. But have you considered how a dual-facing dash camera in each of your vehicles combats theft? 

Insurance companies and fleet managers have swooned over dual-facing dash cameras. They capture video of both the interior and exterior of company vehicles. Meaning full transparency is always accessible. Between alerts, historical cloud-protected footage, and real-time GPS data, you'll be in control of your commercial vehicles. 

Video Evidence of Driver Behavior

How safely your fleet’s drivers operate on the road is a huge aspect in determining how low you can get your insurance costs. Yes, driving records are a key part in illustrating their performance. A fleet tracking solution can properly illustrate just how well they perform. With a slew of advanced ADAS reporting metrics, such as harsh brakes, lane departures, tailgating, and more, over time you can really work to bring your rates down with these true A.I records.
From tuning into your driver in real-time with live video, to reviewing alerts and historical footage, utilize this key information to stay on top of your commercial fleet drivers. You can also use this in coaching to promote healthy driving habits. This may seem like a small facet, but it's key to always expect the unexpected. You never want to see your company vehicle get into a crash at the hands of your driver. Costing your business potentially thousands, raising your insurance rates, but also being a detriment to your business's reputation.


Plan Out Vehicle Maintenance Using Fleet GPS Tracking

When you adopt LANA Fleet to your commercial fleet, you can easily monitor which of your vehicles are closing in on their scheduled maintenance dates. Ensuring you are never forced to halt and/or pay large repair bills. From tracking mileage to the ability to notate specific items on each vehicle's profile pate, lock in your fleet's health by making the right call.
Having this ability simply makes your fleet of vehicles safer. Reduce unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs by having more visibility into their fleet. LANA Fleet enables you to easily go back within seconds of a crash. You can share the footage to cops on the scene or insurance providers. 

Avoid False Claims With Commercial Fleet GPS Tracking

During the unfortunate occurrence of one of your vehicles getting into an accident. Having full transparency of what happened can be priceless. From identifying wrongdoings by your driver to combating false claims. And even catching staged accidents. The investment in a video-based telematics solution can have an immediate return on investment.  

Keeping your business from having to deliver huge payouts when there is an accident. Along with the increase to your rates would see in a short time after can save your business thousands in unnecessary costs.

What Do You Need To Know In Order To Qualify For an Insurance Discount

In order to qualify for a discount, it is likely your insurance provider will need your business to prove that you have installed a fleet management solution into your commercial vehicles and also that you are being diligent in safety information and feedback to drivers on a consistent basis. However, the first step must be to call your current provider and ask if they will recognize a discount if you invest in fleet tracking technology. The cost associated with your insurance costs is dependent on a wide variety of factors; such as use case, vehicle age/type, etc.. so asking does no harm, give your provider a call today!
You may be surprised; some providers are offering up to 30% off for those that invest in this advanced technology. Furthermore, 12 states are requiring insurance providers to give car owners discounts for installing antitheft devices, these include Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington!

Powerful On-The-Go Fleet Management With The LANA Fleet Mobile APP

Manage your commercial fleet anytime, anywhere with:

  • Real-Time Fleet GPS Tracking
  • Live HD Video on Demand
  • Driver Behavior Notifications
  • Event Alerts and more


Fleet Telematic Dash Cameras Can Save Your Business Thousands 

Take control of your commercial fleet management today by adopting the CallPass LANA Fleet solution for each of your vehicles. We hope the article above has helped illustrate the vast array of benefits and cost savings associated with making this investment for your business. The CallPass team is proud to assist the business that keeps our communities moving through our unique solutions.

GPS Fleet Tracking With a Dash Camera Can Reduce Your Insurance Costs

We hope the above guidelines on how to the most out of your fleet tracking system help you and your commercial fleet business. Do you want to see how our solution can work for your commercial fleet?


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