Fleet Tracking Can Reduce Insurance Costs

CallPass understands the challenges of operating a security or armored car fleet. Fleet Tracking Dash Cams can help with all of the difficulties that you may face in your day-to-day. Inefficient use of vehicles, poor vehicle maintenance, and any accidents that may occur. These all take a toll on your business and cause potential harm to your priceless reputation.  Security fleet tracking solutions such as LANA Fleet, are redefining tracking for security fleets. Through a robust suite of features and reporting paired with dual-facing HD video. 

Increasing Performance From Your Security Fleet

When your security fleet is not operating efficiently, customer frustrations only escalate. You lose out on the ability to generate more revenue than a productive fleet would.

Whether your fleet is dealing with an emergency or simply completing a daily flow of service calls. GPS tracking paired with a robust AI (Artificial Intelligence) fleet dash camera helps you as a fleet manager. Identifying sources of wasted time. Your business deserves maximum efficiency each day. With LANA Fleet empowering your vehicles, you can ensure your full potential is reached. 

Fleet Tracking Increase Efficiency 

Live Location Tracking

  • Deploy the closest driver, update customers with ETA’s, and so much more with live location tracking.

Trip Summaries

  • Detailed insight into each of your drivers’ trips.

Time at Location Data

  • Easily tell how long a driver was at a specific location to identify irregularities and most efficient drivers.

Route Planning

  • Plan routes and avoid traffic, accidents, and roadwork.
The role your business plays in the security community is huge, protecting the livelihoods of their day-to-day lives is essential, but so is protecting your business. Make sure you are propelling your business forward with a proper fleet management solution 


Your Drivers Are Your Reputation

The fact of the matter is, when you deploy your drivers on the road each day with your logo on your vehicles representing your business, you put a lot of trust into their hands. While yes, you never want to not have trust in your drivers. You can never be too sure. That is why CallPass developed a commercial fleet – dual-facing dash camera solution – that provides HD video evidence on your driver’s trips.  Along with the video, LANA Fleet also provides ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) alerts on key driving behaviors such as harsh braking, lane departures, and more!  

Furthermore, the unexpected can always occur whenever your drivers are involved in an accident, whether it was his or her fault or not. Having foolproof video evidence can be huge in exonerating them and your business of any false claims. 


Powerful On-The-Go Fleet Management With The LANA Fleet Mobile APP

Manage your commercial fleet anytime, anywhere with:

  • Real-Time Fleet GPS Tracking
  • Live HD Video on Demand
  • Driver Behavior Notifications
  • Event Alerts and more



Utilizing Every Vehicle is The Key to Supporting Your Security Fleet

In conclusion, a large part of the success of your business comes down to how efficient your commercial fleet is. Maximizing the utilization of every vehicle through the cloud-connected LANA Fleet solution allows you to do just that at a business-friendly cost that does not break the bank.  

Want to see how our solution can work for your commercial fleet?