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Where To Place Water Leak Sensors For Multi-Family Properties
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Where To Place Water Leak Sensors For Multi-Family Properties

Avoid Water Damage At Your Condo / Apartment Complex

When managing an apartment complex or another type of multi-family property, tools designed to improve your property management is essential. Software such as the LANA platform, which provides an easy-to-manage software solution to manage a variety of smart sensors, has been huge for property managers across the country. 

As it pertains to water damage specifically, discovering a burst pipe or leaky appliance at home can be a costly and unwelcome surprise. Water damage is the most common cause of homeowner insurance claims, affecting 14,000 Americans daily. The LANA platform helps address any potential water threat by immediately detecting leaks early and preventing small issues from turning into expensive problems. 

What Are The Key Benefits of Water Leak Sensors For Multi-Family Properties

  1. Cheaper Repairs: Stopping leaks before they escalate can save you from costly repairs, with the average water claim surpassing potentially thousands of dollars
  2. Real-Time Alerts: Receive notifications wherever you are, allowing you to take immediate action.
  3. Safety: Early detection eliminates safety concerns related to water leaks and electrical appliances.
  4. Property Management: On one easy-to-manage platform, easily view all your water leak sensors across multiple properties. 

Protecting All The Key Spots of Your Properties

Water leak sensors provide comprehensive protection by detecting leaks in key areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms, helping to prevent costly water damage. By promptly alerting homeowners to potential leaks, these sensors mitigate risks to flooring, walls, and valuable belongings. Ensuring peace of mind and safeguarding property integrity. With strategic placement in critical zones prone to water damage, water leak sensors offer proactive defense against plumbing failures and unexpected leaks, ultimately preserving the structural integrity of homes and properties.

What Are The Best Locations For Placement of Your Smart Water Leak Sensors?


  • 98% of basements experience water damage, making it crucial to place sensors in this area.
  • Protect stored items by placing sensors under pipes and near basement windows to prevent foundational damage that could cost an ample amount. 

Water Heaters:

  • Furthermore, with water heaters, protect against potential damage caused by leaks routed from your water heater. Especially if any of your units have older water tanks. Placing one of our water leak sensors at the water heater's base to detect leaks promptly keeps you from discovering damage too late. To the source unit and potentially the one below it. 


  • Bathrooms, abundant with plumbing fixtures, serve as optimal sites for installing water leak sensors. Positioning these devices behind toilets, under sinks, or in corners adjacent to bathtubs ensures thorough surveillance for potential water leaks.

Washing Machine Water LeakLaundry Room

  • Prevent flooding in the laundry room by placing sensors under or near appliances like washing machines.
  • In addition, with quick alerts, you can quickly address leaks from appliances to protect floors, walls, and items in the laundry room. Ensuring only your clothes are all that are getting soaked. 


  • Leaks in kitchen pipes, especially under sinks or refrigerators with ice makers, can go unnoticed until significant damage occurs. Installing water sensors in these areas is crucial for early detection.
    Kitchen Water Leak Sensor

Water Leak Sensors For Multi-Family Properties 

All in all, Multi-family property managers can significantly benefit from incorporating water leak sensors managed on an intuitive sensor platform within each unit. With numerous units under their care, the risk of water damage multiplies, posing a substantial financial and logistical challenge. Water leak sensors act as vigilant guardians! They provide an early warning against leaks in critical areas such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and more!

Don't wait; get started with an affordable water leak sensor to help you and your residents acquire the peace of mind you deserve. Investing in a comprehensive water leak sensor system, such as LANA,  is a must. Not only safeguarding your property, but also enhances your overall property management.

Purchase your water leak sensors by clicking the button below to get started.


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