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Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
Inside Look: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Fleet Safety Revolution With LANA Dashcams
Tow Truck Dash Camera
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Tow Truck Dash Camera Solutions Across The United States Are Empowering Towing Fleets

As a company with direct ties to the repossession and towing industries. Increased rise in repossessions and other economic hurdles adding pressure to the industry. We understand the challenges of managing a fleet of tow trucks. With increasing demand for towing services, it's crucial to have an effective fleet. Putting management strategies in place to streamline operations and maximize productivity are imperative. One powerful tool that can significantly benefit your tow truck fleet is a commercial fleet dash camera solution. Which also comes with advanced fleet tracking. 

Our team has taken the time to share with you how fleet tracking through an advanced AI dash camera can boost your fleet management and help you achieve better results for your towing company.

How You Can Improve Tow Truck Dispatching & Routing 

Fleet tracking through a robust AI dash camera solution, such as LANA Fleet. Allows you to track the real-time location of your tow trucks and opens a full suite of location-based reporting. This capability serves a huge role in helping you optimize the dispatching, routing, and overall utilization of your fleet. You can assign the nearest available tow truck to a job, reduce response time, and avoid unnecessary miles. This results in more efficient operations, quicker response times, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Allowing your business to grow and generate more revenue over time. 

Increase Tow Truck Driver Performance And Behavior

Towing and repo business's across the country entrust their valued drivers every day to represent their prized business’s. And with that their livelihoods, in the best manner while on the roads. With a tow truck dash camera solution, these owners and fleet managers delivered data on driver behavior. Such as speeding, harsh braking, tailgating, and other key ADAS and/or driver behavior events. This helps them identify and address unsafe driving habits. Which improves driver performance and reducing the risk of accidents.

Dual-facing dash cameras, such as the LANA Dashcam, don’t always need to be used to recognize driver violations! By promoting safe driving practices, you can protect your drivers and your business, while also saving on fuel costs.

Having the peace of mind that every driver that represents the logo on the side of your truck is priceless. We understands the value that holds. Especially within the trade business community, such as towing companies. With a tow truck dash camera in each of your vehicles, you have the ability to coach, monitor, and encourage proper driving habits. Are you interested in learning more about how similar organizations have had success getter driver buy-in? Click here to learn more.

Elevated Fleet and Driver Utilization

With a proper fleet tracking solution, you can manage your business's fleet like you are in the cab of every truck at once. Identifying irregularities that could be hurting your productivity. Notice a prolonged idle truck in your fleet? Access live interior and exterior footage of that truck to see what is happening with that driver and vehicle in a matter of seconds. The ability to monitor the utilization of your tow trucks. Ensuring they are being used effectively can be the difference in having the ability to accept more business. Not having to prolong the investment into new tow trucks/drivers if they are optimizing the ones already in their fleet.

Another tool that helps with the utilization of your fleet is geofences

You can identify underutilized or idle vehicles, optimize dispatching, and minimize downtime. This helps you maximize the utilization of your fleet and increase revenue generation.

How Dash Cams Can Improve Maintenance Management

Fleet tracking technology provides insights into the health of your tow trucks, such as mileage, poor driver behaviors, and maintenance schedules. With this information, you can proactively schedule maintenance and repairs, reducing breakdowns and costly repairs. This helps you keep your tow trucks in optimal condition, minimize downtime, and prevent unneeded expenditures on repairs and or new trucks.

Tow Truck Fleet Reporting And Analytics

Tow truck fleet tracking provides detailed reporting and analytics on various fleet metrics, such as fuel consumption, mileage, and driver performance. These insights can help you make data-driven decisions, identify areas of improvement, and optimize your fleet operations for better performance and profitability.

With LANA Fleet, tow truck fleets across the United States of America have unlocked great visibility into the performance of the entirety of their tow truck fleet through advanced reporting. Make decisive decisions for your fleet such as identifying the highest and poorest performing drivers in terms of jobs completed, miles traveled, and more to reward but also encourage higher performance by the rest of the fleet.

Protect Your Tow Truck Fleet With Ease!

Tow trucks are valuable assets, and theft or unauthorized use can result in significant financial losses. Fleet tracking allows you to monitor the location and movement of your tow trucks in real-time, helping you prevent theft and recover stolen vehicles quickly. Did you know that the LANA Dashcam features a guard mode? This cool tool captures evidence if someone ever bumps your truck or enters it.

In some cases, tow truck drivers provide rides for some of their customers after hitching/loading up their cars. When they have a dual-facing tow truck dash camera, they can have peace of mind if they ever have to deal with an unruly passenger or if the passenger makes a false claim about the driving and/or behavior of the tow truck driver. That is right, the benefits of this solution don’t rest with just the manager/owner, being able to protect their valued employees is a great asset that solutions such as LANA Fleet present. 

With dual-facing tow truck dash cameras, business owners can know with complete certainty who the last driver was to touch a specific vehicle, return to the yard last, and more! Protecting your tow truck fleet by adopting a proper fleet management solution is a huge benefit to your organization.   Place image of dash camera to the right of one of the paragraphs in this section

With Tow Truck Dash Cameras Get The Most Out of Every Truck In Your Fleet!

Tow truck companies across the country play a pivotal role in our society; helping the everyday person, independent auto dealers, and more through their reliable services. Delivering solutions that help blue-collar trade businesses improve the totality of their operations for the betterment of their livelihood and customer satisfaction. 

Do you want to see how our top-of-the-line commercial fleet solution delivers immediate results for your operations? 

Powerful On-The-Go Fleet Management With The LANA Fleet Mobile APP

Manage your commercial fleet anytime, anywhere with:

  • Real-Time Fleet GPS Tracking
  • Live HD Video on Demand
  • Driver Behavior Notifications
  • Event Alerts and more


Improve Your Tow Truck Fleet Today!

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