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Real Results: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Shares Their Journey To a Safer More Efficient Fleet With LANA Fleet
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National Logistics Day | Every June 28th

Every June 28th We Celebrate The Vital Logistics Industry With National Logistics Day

While the logistics industry has been around for centuries, a national day of recognition was first introduced in 2019. In the aftermath of the global pandemic and supply chain disruptions of the early 2020s, the transportation, shipping, and logistics companies worldwide deserve immense appreciation. They worked tirelessly to deliver essential supplies, medical equipment, and vaccines where they were needed most. Ensuring our societies could continue functioning. CallPass understands the key value National Logistics Day serves in recogniztion to those who hold the vitol role. 

The Origins of National Logistics Day

National Logistics Day, founded in 2019 when Logistics Plus Inc. partnered with the Registrar at National Day Calendar to establish June 28th as a National Holiday. This day was created to recognize and appreciate the crucial role of the logistics industry in our national and global economies. 

Logistics In The Modern Age

Altogether, today a staggering 8% or $1.8 Trillion of the United States' entire economic output is attributed to logistics expenses. This includes packaging, warehousing, shipping, and more. The transportation and logistics-related industries employ over 13.3 million people in the U.S. alone, accounting for a remarkable 9% of the entire workforce! Additionally, these industries facilitate the movement of everything from food and clothing to furniture and automobiles across the country. Thousands of trailers and trucks are traveling the nation's roads every day. Playing a key role in ensuring our communities receive the goods they need. Altogether, without them, our country would come grinding to a halt.

How The LANA Team Supports The Logistics Industry

Keeping track of all those semi-trucks and container ships is a monumental task, but it's crucial to know the location of your cargo at all times. CallPass offers world-class platforms that help logistics companies maximize their operations. The LANA Asset solution delivers cutting-edge trailer tracking technology, offering a comprehensive suite of features and reporting. This leading software tool allows companies of all sizes to optimize every trailer in their fleet.

Additionally, LANA Fleet, CallPass's premier fleet dash cam video platform, aims to protect both your drivers and your fleet of trucks/vehicles. Dual-HD dash cameras paired with live location data provide you with full visibility into every truck representing your organization.

Outfit Your Transportation & Logistics Operations Today With Leading Technology

Achieve unparalleled success in your freight operations by leveraging the state-of-the-art platforms and hardware offered by CallPass. Furthermore, cutting-edge solutions built by CallPass work to propel your operations to new heights. Ensure a more efficient fleet, smarter business, and optimized utilization of your valuable assets and fleets. Contact us today or shop our great collection of solutions and experience the CallPass advantage!


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