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Commercial Dash Camera: Top 8 Questions to Ask
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Commercial Dash Camera: Top 8 Questions to Ask

Commercial Dash Camera: Here's What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Fleet

Commercial Dash Camera solutions consist of cameras mounted inside or outside vehicles. They record the road ahead or what’s happening inside the vehicle when the ignition is turned on.

Dash cameras can save your company money, improve fleet safety, and make management easier. CallPass has curated questions to ensure you get the most out of your dash camera system. 

1. Can This Solution Address The Problems You're Trying To Solve?

A dash camera system records everything that happens in an around the vehicle providing evidence in case of an accident or dispute. Video footage is a great tool for training new employees and conducting research. You can also investigate a claim, or prove liability in an accident. Besides monitoring drivers, fleet managers can use the recordings to improve customer experience. 

2. How Many Vehicles Do You Need To Track?

The types of vehicles and how many you operate will play a role in deciding on a commercial dash camera system. Larger fleets with multiple vehicles require much more time and effort to monitor and manage. A commercial dash camera with tracking can help while also reducing costs. To determine how much of an investment dash cameras will be, consider how many vehicles you want with cameras. Some companies may only want to install cameras on certain vehicles, while others many want them on every vehicle in their fleet. 

3. Is There An ROI That Can Be Attached To a Fleet Commercial Dash Camera Solution?

One of the more common questions we hear, with many fleet managers desperate to know if it is worth the investment. The ability to see what’s happening on the road through a dash camera system is a major benefit in itself, but there are various other perks that result in a direct return on investment for your organization.

Commercial Dash Cameras Can Help Fleet Managers Improve Their Bottom Line In Many Ways:

  • Reduce insurance premiums: Commercial insurance companies are starting to offer reduced premiums for fleets with dash camera systems. Cameras can help reduce claims by capturing video footage of accidents and improving accountability.
  • Protect drivers from false claims: Dash cameras enable you to see what’s happening on the road and protect your drivers from false claims. When an accident occurs, simply review the recorded footage, and see what actually happened. A wrongful claim can cost your business thousands but also deter new business.

  • Improve driver behavior: Dash cameras can encourage safe driving behaviors that reduce fuel usage, improve road safety, and boost productivity. Video footage can be reviewed periodically with drivers to identify training opportunities or used as part of a points-based rewards program that incentivizes good driving habits.

  • Track speed and braking distance: Some dash camera systems include GPS tracking capabilities that allow you to monitor vehicle location and speed in real-time. These systems often integrate with a GPS service so fleet managers can view live tracking data via a web portal or mobile app.

Going hand in hand with the prior two points, the ability to monitor driver behavior will allow you to identify habits that are a detriment to the health and security of your vehicles. Harsh braking, driving off-road, are just some of the many ways your assets can be put to test and in jeopardy that would damage your bottom-line.

4. Have You Experienced, Or Are You Worried About, Accidents, Theft Of Equipment Or Vehicles?

Commercial dash cameras can reduce risk by providing visual evidence of what’s been happening in and around a vehicle. This can be useful for everything from accident investigations to insurance claims. Reduce theft and vandalism: Dash cameras are becoming increasingly popular to help prevent or investigate the theft or vandalism of vehicles or equipment. A camera system can provide visual evidence of who’s responsible for an incident, which is especially important when the driver is away from their vehicle. The advanced LANA Dashcam comes packed with a 24/7 guard mode that keeps your vehicles secured no matter where they are parked. Enhance insurance coverage: Dash camera footage has proven valuable in many insurance claims cases. Having video evidence can help speed up the claims process by providing an objective record of events.

5. Will This System Improve Your Customer Service Quality

Another key component to analyze when investigating dash cameras is asking the question… does this dash cam solution have built-in GPS technology? In particular, the LANA dash cam allows for GPS tracking through the LANA Fleet platform, enhancing operational efficiencies, but also customer transparency. Such as through the ability to allow customers to track their deliveries in real-time, enabling them to plan for when the delivery will arrive.

6. What Features Do You Need Now, And What Might You Need In The Future?

When considering a dash camera fleet management system, you should consider the features you may need in the future as well as your current requirements. The following are features to look for in a dash camera fleet management system:

    • Dual cameras (interior and road-facing)
    • Easy-to-use platform and dashboards
    • Real-time GPS tracking for each vehicle
    • Live View – HD streaming with audioCommercial Dash Camera
    • ADAS and GPS telematics data with video
    • Clips and video downloads
    • Mapping (view every vehicle in your fleet simultaneously from different mapping views)
    • Available reports (Geofence, fuel consumption, usage, telematics data, trip reports)
  • Secure cloud storage and camera storage
  • Over-the-air software and firmware updates
  • Flexible and affordable pricing options
  • US-based customer support and training

7. Are You Overspending On Your Mobile Workforce?

Money can be wasted overpaying for fuel, vehicle repairs and maintenance, speeding tickets, accidents, and other avoidable expenses that add up quickly. You can lower the costs associated with your mobile workforce by implementing a commercial dash camera system.

  • Dash camera systems can help you determine if employees are driving safely. Poor habits like tailgating or not using turn signals can be identified. You can then provide driver safety training to address these areas and improve performance.
  • They can help you determine if your drivers are spending excessive time on their routes. If your drivers’ routes take longer than expected, dash cameras can help you understand the reason for delays and how to prevent them.
  • Dash cameras can prevent theft and fraud by capturing images inside and outside the vehicle while in use.

8. What Type of Return On Investment Will You Get From a Commercial Dash Camera Solution?

The safety of your drivers, your vehicles, and other drivers on the road is paramount to your business operations. You also want to cut costs wherever possible to increase profitability. Investing in fleet management tools like dash cameras can help you improve safety and reduce costs. Dash cameras can help you improve driver safety and reduce the risk for your business by preventing accidents and minimizing liability. They also have other benefits:
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Better fuel economy
  • Enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improved driver behavior
All these factors contribute to lowering operating costs. One study found that companies that utilize mobile video surveillance systems experienced an ROI of up to 300 percent within the first year of installation.


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