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How Fleet Tracking Optimizes Snowplow Fleets
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How Fleet Tracking Optimizes Snowplow Fleets

Challenges That Face Snowplow Fleets Across The United States

Did you know that 70% percent of the nation's roads are located in regions that receive more the 5 inches of snow annually? Keeping snow off roads when harsh weather hits every year is essential. As it ensures the safety of the region's residents and also keeping the roads in service to protect the area's economy. 

Just like any commercial fleet, efficiently managing a snowplow fleet can present an array of challenges to ensure operations run according to plan and each truck can be optimized in the best manner possible. Without snowplow fleet tracking, understanding the hurdles that face fleet managers for snowplow operations is a must for:

  • Efficiently managing multiple snowplow units
  • Mismanaged routes
  • Scheduling maintenance proactively
  • Monitoring & validating driver performance
  • Controlling fuel costs                   

With nearly 25% of all weather-related vehicle crashes occurring on snowy or icy pavement, the role the snowplow fleets play in their communities is instrumental to the safety and well-being of their region. 

How Can You Manage a Multitude of Snowplows With Ease?                                

A common theme for any fleet with an array of vehicles is finding out how to properly manage all of them and know their precise location in real-time. The answer lies within a dash camera fleet tracking solution that provides not only HD video for key events and live footage but also precise GPS tracking with no additional hardware. Concurrently, the LANA Fleet solution does just this. Operating as the premier telematics software, allowing snowplow fleets to streamline, automate, and expedite operations across their organization. An intuitive, centralized view of where each vehicle allows fleets to stay agile in ever-changing workday climates.

Furthermore, LANA Fleet enables users to analyze the trip history of every snowplow a region utilizes. Narrowed down by day, week, and even a specific time frame, never have to question a driver's word and see what truly happens on their latest routes.

Implementing Optimal Plowing Routes For Your Fleet!                        

Optimizing each snowplow in your fleet ensures the highest level of efficiency can be established for your snowplow operations. An easy way for snowplow fleet managers to do this is by establishing ways that prevent overlapping coverage by more than one truck and leaving some roads unattended.

For sizable municipalities and fleets with a lot of vehicles, proper management can be a challenge. LANA Fleet’s geofencing tools help these customers stay informed on their fleet's routing and whereabouts like never before. Real-time alerts on crossing geofences and being able to optimize your vehicles on the best possible routes. Snowplow fleets can ensure that roads are being cleared to the highest level. 

Scheduling Snowplow Maintenance Proactively Instead of Reactively

Another critical expense to snowplow fleets is the maintenance required on each vehicle. A factor that can be incredibly costly, the ability to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance. Is a key essential to protecting your bottom line, and this can be easily done with a fleet management solution on your side.

Additionally, with key data on a variety of key vehicle data, LANA Fleet is helping fleets across the country improve and establish a fine-tuned maintenance schedule.

  • Distanced Traveled
  • Mileage Accumulation Since Last Maintenance
  • The Ability To Add Individual Notes On Vehicles
  • Set Reminders Accordingly

Effectively Managing Your Snowplow Fleets Driver Behavior 

Don’t get left in the dark, keep tabs on each of your snowplow drivers' performance and noticeable habits by implementing an AI dual-facing dash camera into each snowplow in your operations.  Driver behaviors alerts have a great impact on the efficiency of your operations and also protect others on the road from costly wrongdoings.

The LANA Fleet platform empowers fleet managers with an HD to live video feed of the inside and outside of the vehicle so you can monitor in real-time the behavior of your drivers. In additon, coaching them, and a ensure your snowplow fleet operates in the safest manner possible.

Sadly, no one has time to watch EVERY driver 24/7, another measure the CallPass team is proud to provide its fleet customers is the first-class ADAS alerts for tailgating, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, over-speeding, & more! These help to keep fleet managers informed on driver behavior. Allowing them to score each based on performance, creating a sense of awareness/urgency among the drivers to stay perform adequately.

Managing Your Fleets Fuel Costs With Snowplow Fleet Tracking

A key issue that is present now more than ever with today’s economy is properly managing the heightened fuel costs. Oftentimes the largest operating expense for fleets, the wavering state of prices can oftentimes make it a challenge to budget for.

Did you know that an optimal dash camera fleet tracking solution can also help you reduce fuel consumption? Adding a fleet management solution, to your trucks, you can be notified of prolonged idle times. Increasing efficiency, shortening trips, and calling attention to unnecessary idling times are all ways these fleets can benefit from a solution to easily combat raised fuel costs. 

Powerful On-The-Go Fleet Management With The LANA Fleet Mobile APP

Manage your commercial fleet anytime, anywhere with:

  • Real-Time Fleet GPS Tracking
  • Live HD Video on Demand
  • Driver Behavior Notifications
  • Event Alerts and more


Supercharge Your Snowplow Operations Today

For this year’s winter season, supercharge your snowplow fleet like never before with cutting-edge technology that provides visibility into your operations like never before.

Lastly, overcome the challenges that plague commercial fleets across the country such as under-optimized routes, unmaintained trucks, inability to properly manage drivers, and more with the robust LANA Fleet solution.



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